Laying Tools

Untide Products

These laying tools, hand made from exotic hardwoods and other fine materials, are all absolutely one of a kind. As more are created, physical strands and phrases form, yet just as no piece of wood is identical to another, each laying tool is unique in shape. This makes each piece special, but it also accommodates more stitchers.

Alex Goldman of Oakland, CA understands the importance of fine tools. Throughout the years he has been refining the design of these laying tools and with each new batch, his methods and styles show us the many colors of his craft. There is a tool for every need and if we don’t have what you want, he will make it for you. Select woods with exceptional springiness or stiffness, light or heavy, and a wide variety of wood types.

We also proudly feature Shay Pendray’s Best Laying Tool (BLT) and can make any of our designs with one of these beautiful stainless steel points, if desired. All tools are finished with natural, colorless sealers, either wax or tung oil.

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