About Me

The name ZECCA springs directly from the Italian word “zecca” meaning a coin factory.

My concept in naming ZECCA was to create a majestic link between valuable coins and precious buttons. ZECCA buttons are made from a synthetic modeling material known as Polymer Clay. “Fimo” is the most popular brand of this material, which has been around for about 40 years. I’ve been working with it extensively for 20 some years!

Much of my button and bead work is done in the ancient glass-making technique known as “Millefiore” where bars or sheets of color are combined or bundled and then “caned” out to reduce the image, after which the cane is sliced, revealing a pattern in cross section. The intricate forms and unique palettes of hand-mixed colors which characterize ZECCA pieces have been described as “springing directly from raw nature … as well as the outer limits.”

While Fimo is widely marketed for children (some people initially confuse my work with the trinkets their kids make at camp), it has been said that “ZECCA jewelry, buttons, and decorative objects are so alive with color and vibrancy, that they defy their synthetic origin.”

It is with much delight that I share this work with you!